As I reflect on what this day represents for me…25 years of Marriage, I can’t help but recall the many fashion trends I followed…from the Madonna Look, to what I use to call the Chacha Chacha years (you might remember all that teased hair with bottles of aqua net ) to the wild prints of the 90’s, but through them all, I shared them with this guy I call my hubby and Best Friend! He put up with all my crazy fashion ideas including always dressing like twins! I believe I picked a winner! So moving to the present, I still love to use color and prints and love to mix and match or stick to an all color pallet. Today we shared our Anniversary with close friends and felt simply beautiful wearing my fave color – burgundy and felt loved by my guy.

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Remember this fashion tip, no matter what you wear, so long as you feel beautiful and wear it with confidence, that is all that really matters!20141118_165355