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It has been a while my loves since I posted on my blog. I am working on changing that! Just celebrated my b-day and I figured what better time to kick start my blogging journey again. I had an amazing weekend that included balloons, hugs, kisses, gifts, dinners, desserts and lots of fun and beautiful surprises! I share one with you today. My awesome hubby said, “Get dolled up for your b-day photo shoot” so I did! I asked him where he was taking me and he said, “It’s a surprise you will Loveūüíú” and boy did I love it! He took me to the Heritage Square Museum where I got to see beautiful Victorian Homes and heard about the amazing stories of those that lived in those homes that dated from the Civil War to the early 20th Century.

I decided that lavender was going to be my go to color for my shoot and it definitely did not disappoint. The color felt fresh & feminine .Perfect for Spring! The faux fur was a Christmas gift I was wanting to use but waiting for the perfect occasion like this. My pencil dress was amazing with it’s own story of sail boats surrounded by the ocean. My periwinkle heel sandals and sunnies were the perfect final touch that completed my birthday mood.

Well my loves, that’s all for now. I share a few pics below of my amazing day at Heritage Square and see you soonūüėö

Shoes by: Guess

Faux Fur Coat by: Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs

Sunnies by: Tom Ford

Dress by: Catwalk Studio

Fashion Tip: Make a splash by wearing colors that reflect your inner beautiful YOU!



20170326_134258-1.jpg          IMG_20170326_171559_1490583418236.jpg  IMG_20170326_171920_1490583416823.jpg



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Hi my friends, it has been a while since I’ve posted on my be exact 20+ days! I have been so busy with work, family and life that I could not find the time to sit in front of my computer and write… ¬†I want to dive now into my subject for this new post and that is the many varieties of sunglasses that exists . There is a shape for everyone. Let’s explore the history of the sunnies we use to look stylish and protect our eyes. ¬†I for one never really questioned where they came from. All I cared about was that I Loved them!

If we go way back in time, sunglasses can be first traced to have been worn by Roman Emperor Nero who used polished light green emerald gems to see the gladiators compete. Somewhere between 1268 -1289 sunglasses were invented. A fact I find very interesting is that around the 12th century, sunglasses were used primarily by judges in the Courts of China who wished to hide their eyes as to not give their decisions away. From this point on the sunglasses continued to develop and in 1929, Sam Foster started selling sunglasses to wear as protection from the sun hence making them stylish to wear.

Now moving on to the ¬†present time…There are so many styles to choose from that it can be overwhelming! You want to try them all! You can pick from Retro Square, Aviator (one of my faves), Round, Cat Eye to name a few. Just choose based on your facial shape and go from there!

Below I share a few pics  of myself and my family & friends wearing sunnies..

My Friend Elizabeth sporting these awesome oversized frames


My Retro Look in Cat Eye Sunnies by Jimmy Choo


My Son Sporting Raybans, Hubby Sporting Carrera and myself wearing Raybans


Wearing My current faves by Jimmy Choo


Sporting Wafers


Here are a few more I found on the net:

Now this one I hope will be me in the future! I want to still rock sunnies like my Mama!


Fashion Tip: Dare to be Round, Square, Cat Eyed or an Aviator! Try a new color lens or frame! Get out of your comfort zone and have fun this Summer!

Wishing you all the best!


Your Royalbfashion blogger where every woman is a Queen!

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A Touch Of The Orient


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Kimono’s are here to stay and I can’t get enough of them! They have become my new go to in place of a blazer. They add such a feminine¬†touch to any outfit. You can wear them with a dress, jeans, shorts, skirt or a bathing suit.

Sharing a bit of history with you, did you know that the original kimono was created in China and adopted by Japan during their Heian period¬†(794‚Äď1192 AD)? In addition, kimonos were made from fine materials and have been regarded as great works of art. Lastly,in the Western world, kimono-styled women’s jackets, similar to a casual¬†cardigan¬†became a hot fashion trend¬†in 2014 and continues to be popular to this day. The colors that are available run from flowers to stripes to vibrant colors perfect for Spring & Summer!

The world of fashion never seizes to amaze me with how we borrow ideas from our past and recreate them to make it a new fashion trend! Thank you to all the fashionista’s and designers who came before us!

Below I share a few shots of myself wearing…

  • Cream floral/polka dot sheer kimono
  • Black Pencil Dress
  • Patent Red BCBG Pumps
  • Kate Spade Sunnies

Have I convinced you to try a Kimono? I sure hope so!





Here are a few other Kimono’s I found on the net:

A look at an Original

Kimono with shorts

Fashion Tip: Whether it be long, short, fringed, solid or printed try a Kimono! Dress it up or Dress it down. You will not regret it. Pair it with your favorite piece to make it your own!

Wishing you all the best,


Your Royalbfashion blogger…Where every woman is a Queen!

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The Denim Blues


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Are you on board with the denim on denim look that has graced the fashion runways? For many years I personally thought this was considered an “erreur de la mode” as the French would say or what we call¬†a fashion No-No but for some unexplained reason, I have come around and really like this look now! The only explanation I have to my change of heart is that our likes and dislikes change every seven years! I am truly grateful to Mr. Jacob Davis who invented the “Jeans” in 1871 and Mr. Levi Strauss who joined him to patent the “blue jeans” in 1873. ¬†Moving to the 20th century, in the 1950’s ¬†jeans were originally designed to cater to miners and cowboys…Look how far we’ve come from its origin!

I decided to try this trend today and I must say I received many compliments which included one from my hubby! His compliments always bring a smile to my face!   He actually suggested we go to Travel Town in Griffith Park to take a few shots for my blog, so we hopped on his chopper and off we went! He knows that I love fashion blogging and encourages me.  I share a few of the pics he took below:

Shoes by Steve Madden

Denim Shirt by Forever 21

Denim Jeans by American Eagle

Sunnies by Marc Jacobs



The Hubby



I also share a few more pics I found in  the net of Denim on Denim:

Fashion Tip: Mix & Match Denim;There is no rule that states you need to stay within the same color scheme! Go for a different look by adding a blazer or a pair of pumps. Add your favorite pieces to make it your own!

Wishing you all the best,


Your Royalbfashion blogger where every woman is a Queen!

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The Look Of 50


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Four days I go I joined the 50’s Club and I feel Fabulous! I use to wonder how I would react to reaching the half century mark and I must say that I do not feel any different then I did 5 days ago when I was still 49. ¬†It feels great to be alive surrounded by my awesome family & friends. I have been truly blessed. I feel accomplished in life and I am living my forever after that I had dreamed of as a little girl. I am happily married to this guy I still call my boyfriend, I have two wonderful kids that make me proud every day and I have a house I call HOME and is MY Castle. ¬†I am in complete agreement with the saying,¬†“50 is the new 40”.¬†I see it as just another number but in complete greatfullnes to God for allowing me to see another year!

Now moving on to how I celebrated this mild stone.  I was actually given options by my hubby to either throw a party to top all parties or plan a small getaway with my famyof4 and anyone else who would like to join us.  I debated back and forth as to what I should do and I ultimately went with what my heart dictated and opted for the latter. We went for the weekend to San Francisco and I made sure we were prepared fashion wise with our wardrobe and we all went for chic casual for the day and evening attire at night. The weather was a little chilly.

My honey took over and planned it all, from the beautiful hotel we stayed at (by the Marina) to the restaurants we had our meals at, sight-seeing and last but not least a Carte Blanche to go SHOPPING!!! We had an amazing time and I would not have changed a thing!

My beautiful daughter took pictures of everything! She made sure I was the center of attention! I was made to feel so loved and special! I definitely was the Royal Queen!  I share with you a few pics from our trip.








Here are a few pics of some of my fave actresses I found on the net who look amazing and are part of the 50’s club:

Fahion Tip:¬†Have fun at any age! Remember age is but a number and it’s all a frame of mind! Love yourself and explore new fashion looks you thought you couldn’t possibly do! Wear a new lip color and try a new shade on your hair. Do what brings a smile to your heart! As always, make it your own!

Wishing you all the best,


Your Royalbfashion blogger where every woman is a Queen!

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Stepping Outside The Box


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My Love Affair with shoes started when I put on my first pair of heels at the age of 14 and I have not looked back since! I credit my mom once again for teaching me to walk in heels and for having a passion for fashion. As we transition from what I call “hibernation” where all you wore were boots to protect your toesies from the elements of Mother Nature and into the Spring Season, I can not wait to try many of the new trends for 2015. ¬†My favorite right now is the Pointed Pump! I’ve been buying them in all colors! So in Love with this style! I think my next purchase will be the lace up heel. I will share that with you next time! Here are a few pics of me wearing a few of my new finds…..


My Neon Coral Pink Pump20150226_085219

One of my fave in a floral printIMG_20150216_172125

There are so many options to pick from and here are a few examples I found on the net:

  • Gladiators

  • Platforms¬†

Image result for shoe style for 2015Image result for shoe style for 2015Image result for platform heels

  • Lace Up

  • Chic Flats

Pointed Pumps (My Fave right now!)

Fashion Tip: Venture outside the box and your comfort zone! Try a new trend of shoe this season. Be it high or low heeled, nude or bright have fun! Make a statement and step out in Style!

Wishing you all the best,


Your Royalbfashion Blogger – Where every woman is a Queen!

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A Yellow Jacket In The Garden


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Yellow jackets normally have a bad reputation for being pests and stinging you, but on this occasion, it was not naughty but nice and meshed well with the flowers that accompanied.¬†I decided to give that “yellow jacket” a chance¬†and wore it with¬†my floral dress that had a¬†bordeaux¬†background¬†and cream and cobalt flowers. This¬†choice definitely made the¬†vibrant flowers on the dress stand out! ¬†I simply loved how the mix of colors complented each other.

As I continue to explore the beautiful trend of large floral prints, I find myself more and more in love with it and willing to wear it everyday!

Since my focus for this post was my “Yellow Jacket” which was actually a coat, I want to share with you a few more pics of beautiful coats that I found on the net that can be worn with everything! Dress it up or dress it down! There are coats for all seasons and occasions. It adds such elegance to any piece you wear!

20150225_111301 (2)IMG_003520150225_113132

Fashion Tip: Pick it buttoned down or zippered up but go for it! Treat yourself to a coat this season. Add this to your wardrobe. Don’t shy away from vibrant colors. Coats are a classic signature that never goes out of style!

Wishing you the best,


Your Royalbfashion Blogger – Where every woman is a Queen

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Plaids Are Not Just For Picnics


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Are you Mad for Plaid? ¬†Is it a Yay or Nay for you? ¬†Truth be told, as far as memory takes me, I always associated plaid’s with a picnic blanket. Now, with this being one of the trends for this coming Spring Season, it brought a little bit of aprehension as I contemplated whether I should or should not wear this particular trend. ¬†As I shared with you in my previous post, Spring Forward, plaids was one of the patterns I was willing to try and guess what? I did! I ventured outside the box! I started with a subtle plaid pattern to as they say, “wet my feet” and I hope to eventually move up to trying the larger plaid pattern, Gingham. I decided to pair my plaid trench coat with a solid bordeaux colored pencil dress and blush colored patent leather t-strap pump. I added a chuncky necklace that matched the soft pink of my coat. I sealed the look with my pink lipstick and sunnies.


Sunnies by Jimmy Choo

Plaid Trench Coat by Gap

Pencil Dress by H & M

Necklace by Bijoux




Here are a few more examples of Plaids I found on the net I hope will encourage you to go for the Plaid!

Fashion Tip: If you think as I did about plaids, I encourage you to give them a chance! There are so many types of plaids. Start by trying a smaller print and go from there.  I promise you will not regret it!

Wishing you all the best,


Your Royalbfashion blogger

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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers


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Flowers are not just meant to be admired in a vase or a garden.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, Spring Forward, one of the trends for this coming season are flowers. The bigger the print the better! I am so in LOVE with the idea of wearing different floral prints on a dress, blouse, pants, on top of my head, necklace and even a clutch!  In my opinion, the beauty of wearing flowers is that it makes you feel so feminine and soft.

Did you know that floral prints have been around and popular for hundreds of years? The floral print actually originated from Asia and the East.  Our wonderful fashion designers just tweak the print to make it more current with the times. I remember when I was growing up, my mom made sure that I was always dressed in floral prints and that I always had a matching purse and shoes to complete the look!

Below are a few pics of my wardrobe additions to this beautiful Spring Trend:


  • Black Floral Dress by H&M
  • Sunnies by Celine (early Valentine’s Day Gift from the hubby)
  • Tights by Forever 21
  • Floral Jersey Dress (carried by me if interested)
  • Blush colored shoes by Steve Madden

Added Royal Blue Tights For A Different Look20150209_162953

With Jax Our Maltipoo


Flower Power!


My Daughter’s Best Friend Michelle


Here are a few more designs I found on the net:



Fashion Tip: With Spring around the corner, start incorporating a few floral pieces to your wardrobe! That is a way to honor this beautiful season where flowers are blooming and the birds and bees are buzzing around us. 

Wishing you all the best,


Your Royalbfashiong Blogger

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Follow The “Yellow Brick Road”


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Hello my Dear Readers,

Today I share with you just a quick note to say hello and to share a few pictures of where my yellow pointed heels took me…..I called it the “Yellow Brick Road” for I dared to venture into the hiking trails not far from my home. ¬†On any given day I am hiking there in what I call the “Beautiful Forest” in my yoga pants and comfy tennis shoes but on this occasion I went in my pointy yellow pumps, black/white striped dress, red purse and statement necklace. Oh, and my fave sunnies.

I had so much fun taking these pictures! As a funny anecdote, as my photographer (my daughter Madi) and I were entering the trails, a Deputy from our local Sheriff’s department happened to be parked there and inquired with a smile, “are you planning to go on a hike wearing those painful looking pretty yellow shoes?” I answered him with a laugh, “no, I’m a fashion blogger and I am taking pictures to post”. He stated, “that’s cool, ¬†a fashion blogger! Have fun!”. ¬†I thought his remark was pretty awesome! It made my day!

Dress by Old Navy


Red purse by Ralph LaurenDSC_0041 (2)

Necklace by Bijoux


Fashion Tip: This being the month we focus on Love I encourage you to do so by adding touches of red to your wardrobe. ¬†Have fun playing with colors and mixing prints! You won’t regret it!

Wishing you all the best,

Your Royalbfashion Blogger

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