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Are you on board with the denim on denim look that has graced the fashion runways? For many years I personally thought this was considered an “erreur de la mode” as the French would say or what we call a fashion No-No but for some unexplained reason, I have come around and really like this look now! The only explanation I have to my change of heart is that our likes and dislikes change every seven years! I am truly grateful to Mr. Jacob Davis who invented the “Jeans” in 1871 and Mr. Levi Strauss who joined him to patent the “blue jeans” in 1873.  Moving to the 20th century, in the 1950’s  jeans were originally designed to cater to miners and cowboys…Look how far we’ve come from its origin!

I decided to try this trend today and I must say I received many compliments which included one from my hubby! His compliments always bring a smile to my face!   He actually suggested we go to Travel Town in Griffith Park to take a few shots for my blog, so we hopped on his chopper and off we went! He knows that I love fashion blogging and encourages me.  I share a few of the pics he took below:

Shoes by Steve Madden

Denim Shirt by Forever 21

Denim Jeans by American Eagle

Sunnies by Marc Jacobs



The Hubby



I also share a few more pics I found in  the net of Denim on Denim:

Fashion Tip: Mix & Match Denim;There is no rule that states you need to stay within the same color scheme! Go for a different look by adding a blazer or a pair of pumps. Add your favorite pieces to make it your own!

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