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Hello my Dear Readers,

Today I share with you just a quick note to say hello and to share a few pictures of where my yellow pointed heels took me…..I called it the “Yellow Brick Road” for I dared to venture into the hiking trails not far from my home.  On any given day I am hiking there in what I call the “Beautiful Forest” in my yoga pants and comfy tennis shoes but on this occasion I went in my pointy yellow pumps, black/white striped dress, red purse and statement necklace. Oh, and my fave sunnies.

I had so much fun taking these pictures! As a funny anecdote, as my photographer (my daughter Madi) and I were entering the trails, a Deputy from our local Sheriff’s department happened to be parked there and inquired with a smile, “are you planning to go on a hike wearing those painful looking pretty yellow shoes?” I answered him with a laugh, “no, I’m a fashion blogger and I am taking pictures to post”. He stated, “that’s cool,  a fashion blogger! Have fun!”.  I thought his remark was pretty awesome! It made my day!

Dress by Old Navy


Red purse by Ralph LaurenDSC_0041 (2)

Necklace by Bijoux


Fashion Tip: This being the month we focus on Love I encourage you to do so by adding touches of red to your wardrobe.  Have fun playing with colors and mixing prints! You won’t regret it!

Wishing you all the best,

Your Royalbfashion Blogger

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