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Yellow jackets normally have a bad reputation for being pests and stinging you, but on this occasion, it was not naughty but nice and meshed well with the flowers that accompanied. I decided to give that “yellow jacket” a chance and wore it with my floral dress that had a bordeaux background and cream and cobalt flowers. This choice definitely made the vibrant flowers on the dress stand out!  I simply loved how the mix of colors complented each other.

As I continue to explore the beautiful trend of large floral prints, I find myself more and more in love with it and willing to wear it everyday!

Since my focus for this post was my “Yellow Jacket” which was actually a coat, I want to share with you a few more pics of beautiful coats that I found on the net that can be worn with everything! Dress it up or dress it down! There are coats for all seasons and occasions. It adds such elegance to any piece you wear!

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Fashion Tip: Pick it buttoned down or zippered up but go for it! Treat yourself to a coat this season. Add this to your wardrobe. Don’t shy away from vibrant colors. Coats are a classic signature that never goes out of style!

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