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It has been a while my loves since I posted on my blog. I am working on changing that! Just celebrated my b-day and I figured what better time to kick start my blogging journey again. I had an amazing weekend that included balloons, hugs, kisses, gifts, dinners, desserts and lots of fun and beautiful surprises! I share one with you today. My awesome hubby said, “Get dolled up for your b-day photo shoot” so I did! I asked him where he was taking me and he said, “It’s a surprise you will Love💜” and boy did I love it! He took me to the Heritage Square Museum where I got to see beautiful Victorian Homes and heard about the amazing stories of those that lived in those homes that dated from the Civil War to the early 20th Century.

I decided that lavender was going to be my go to color for my shoot and it definitely did not disappoint. The color felt fresh & feminine .Perfect for Spring! The faux fur was a Christmas gift I was wanting to use but waiting for the perfect occasion like this. My pencil dress was amazing with it’s own story of sail boats surrounded by the ocean. My periwinkle heel sandals and sunnies were the perfect final touch that completed my birthday mood.

Well my loves, that’s all for now. I share a few pics below of my amazing day at Heritage Square and see you soon😚

Shoes by: Guess

Faux Fur Coat by: Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs

Sunnies by: Tom Ford

Dress by: Catwalk Studio

Fashion Tip: Make a splash by wearing colors that reflect your inner beautiful YOU!



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