Je te aime Paris


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Hi everyone,

It feels like it’s been a while since I have written in my Blog…in fact it has been a week! I’ve been so busy at work and with everyday life that I had not been able to find the time to sit and write!  I am back now! Happy to be sharing once again with you!  I decided this time I would share about my Love Affair with Paris! As I’ve told you before, last year my hubby and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary and my gift was a trip to Paris and Greece. We decided that we could not do this lifetime trip without our 2 kids so Famyof4 took off on the adventure of a lifetime! You see,  I have such a wonderful hubby who remembered that I have always loved Paris and Greece was an added bonus!

Paris offers so much! For starters, it is the Fashion Capital of The World! The French dress with so much style and pizzazz and they make it look so effortless. They sure love their scarves! Almost every Parisian we saw ranging from the very young to the older generation wore a scarf. That is their main accessory.  Also, let us not forget the flats women love to wear! To see the collection that is sold at Galeries La Fayette was unbelievable!

Now moving forward, the next thing I loved about Paris was their amazing architecture! Simply breathtaking. Words could not express the feeling of “Awe” we experienced with every new site we saw.  Adding to the adventure were our visits to The Louvre Museum, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles but to name a few of the extraordinary places we visited.

The Food was outstanding. The leisure in which people ate taught us to do the very same here in our home. The French do know how to take their time to enjoy the company they are with and savor the food they are eating.

Paris will forever live in my heart! I have adopted that country as my own! Paris is as the saying goes…”The City of Lights and “The City of Love”.  I hope to return soon someday and explore the other parts of France.

On my next travel blog, I will share with you about Greece!

When in Paris you must wear Stripes!20140823_10480120140821_091018


Doing aLittle Shopping at the LV Store (hubby bought my tote)DSC_0163DSC_0018DSC_0413

My Kids and I at VersaillesDSC_0314

My Honey and I DSC_0415DSC_0442DSC_0498DSC_0547DSC_0896

Fashion Tip: When planning a vacation to another country, make sure you do your homework! Find out what the weather will be like, how they dress and pack accordingly. It helped us tremendously with our visit to Paris. We fit right in!

Au revoir!

Your Royalbfashion Blogger Tricia

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Mint Anyone?


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Today, I woke up craving Mint and not the candy kind! It was a little overcast in the morning and when the sun came out to play I knew exactly what color I wanted to wear! Although Spring has not arrived, it felt right putting my outfit together. Mint is such a gentle color that it can be paired with anything! It takes me back to the first time I ever wore this color…My sisters wedding…Many moons ago! That was the start of my relationship with Mint!  I decided to pair mine with touches of black and grey to fit the look into this season..

A Big shout-out and thanks to a great photographer I know…My Dad! Muaah! Thanks Daddy for making me feel special!



Booties by Joe’s 

Purse by Michael Kors – Heather Grey Weekender

Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs (one of my fave’s!)

Necklace by Bijoux..(I carry if interested)

Coat by Tulle

Synthetic Angora Sweater byMagnolias

Fashion Tip: Go ahead and try this kind of Mint! I promise it will be a guiltless pleasure that won’t go to your bottom! Have fun and experiment adding different colors with it. Don’t forget to add those special touches like your fav lipstick or chunky necklace to make it your own!                         Remember…it’s okay to mix the seasons and get away with it! No Fashion Police can touch you!

Wishing you the best and thanking you for taking the time to read my blog


Your RoyalBFashion Blogger…Where every Woman is a Queen!

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Good Bye 2014….Hello 2015


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As 2014 comes to an end, I stop to reflect on all the Blessings I have received this year, My Famyof4 (which include my hubby, son & daughter), my Maltipoo-Jax, our health, our families, our home, our jobs, my kids excelling in College, our trip to Paris & Greece celebrating our 25 years of marriage, my daughter’s new car and so much more the list can go on and on. I pray that 2015 brings us all many blessings.

Now how to ring in the New Year? What should I wear? Where should we go? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! For those who know me, I tend to favor Maxi’s and on this occasion it’s no exception! I opted to go for an old Hollywood Look.. What will you be wearing on New Year? Share with me!

Dress by Melrose

Shoes by Jessica Simpson

Earrings by Bijoux

Synthetic Fur Coat – Forever 21

Sunglasses – Jimmy Choo

Perfume Bottle Purse in Cheetah Print (Also available in other colors)  Sold by me.


Here a few Ideas I found on the Net you might like to wear to ring in the New Year…

I Found this outfit to be Chic & Fun by adding the Top Hat headband!

This is so Classic!

My Fav…Maxi..


Fashion Tip: Make 2015 a year of New Beginnings..Try a new look! Wear those colors you normally wouldn’t dare to be caught in! Add pops of color throughout the New Year with your favorite wardrobe…You might actually be surprised and say..”Hey, I Look Good! Why didn’t I do this sooner!”   As always, wear what makes you happy and make it your own!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Let 2015 ring in with a Fashion Bang!


Your RoyalBFashion Blogger..

Where every Woman is a Queen

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Like Mother Like Daughter


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That old adage, “The apple does not fall far from the tree” could not be more on point when it comes to my Mom and Me! As I have mentioned before in my post “My Fashion Icon”, my Mom taught me to be the woman I am today. She instilled in me to be a loving Wife, Mother, Friend and a Lover of anything that involved Fashion.  As we have matured, and our fashion sense can differ at times, I feel honored when she turns to me for fashion advise! Isn’t that the best? We have such a strong sense of fashion, that we can bounce ideas off each other. My Mom has become one of my biggest supporter of my blog! I just could not help myself and I had to share another blog about her.

Below I share a few pictures with you depicting Mothers & Daughters…including my family….You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to Celebrate Mom..

My Mom and I posing almost the same at different locations! What were the odds? Great Minds I tell you thinking alike!…..

Mom is wearing her Green Scarf, Slim Black Pants, Black Nine West Coat & Bag. I’m wearing my Skinny Jeans, Black Strappy Pumps by Sam & Libby (carried at Target) and my new Fav Black Calvin Klein Satchel (a Christmas present from my good friend)


My Mom, Sis and I..Celebrating her 50th Wedding Anniversary

My Beautiful Daughter and I dressed as Twins in Cancun

My Sis-in-law and my nieces

My Friend Maggie & her Baby Girl Camila (Mila


Famous Mother/Daughter I like

Gwenyth and Blythe

Fun pic’s I found on the Net

Fashion Tip: Have fun with Mom today! Give her a hug! Go out and buy something fun you can both wear together while sipping on coffee at a Cafe or sharing a meal at her fav restaurant! 

Wishing you the Best,

Tricia – Your Royalbfashion Blogger – Where every woman is a Queen

The Beauty Of Christmas


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I want to take this moment to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. As I reflect on the meaning of Christmas, it reminds me that it’s not about the running around looking for gifts, fighting for that parking spot or waiting in long lines but the fact that Christmas was originally celebrated in a Manger in the humblest of surroundings. Christmas is Beautiful for it lives in our hearts.  As much as I love to buy gifts and receive them, this is what I try to always remember.

Now moving forward, I love that we can get together and celebrate with our family and friends! In my family, it is a tradition to wear your Sunday Best for that is how my Mom raised us! Here I share a picture of my Mom & Dad..Cutest Couple I know!

Going strong after 51 years! !DSC_1380DSC_1396 JUDY PATI

I have continued that tradition with my family….Now what to wear? I asked myself.  Well, I decided I would would go with a 1940’s inspired outfit (one of my fav era’s) and added a few touches to make it my own…

  • My Peplum Top & Pencil Skirt is by one of my favorite designers ..Reina Diaz 20141224_19561220141224_195637DSC_140420141224_215531
  • My Famyof4
  • My Necklace by Bijoux (available if interested)DSC_1405

Fashion Tip: Sparkle. Sparkle, Sparkle is what this season calls for! Dress anything up with Bling! Pick an Era you favor and wear it with style! As always, remember to make it your own!

With Best Wishes,


Your RoyalBFashion Blogger….Where every Woman is a Queen

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My Best Accessory


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What do you define as your best accessory? Is it that awesome purse? Is it the new pair of earrings, necklace or those out of this world shoes? All of the above usually applies to me but on this occasion, my Best Accessory was my Honey! As you may recall in my post called “One Era At A Time, I mentioned that through our 25 years of marriage (which we just celebrated) my hubby was the best in allowing me to dress him like my twin! This time was no exception! We dressed in like colors and added our own touches to make our look mesh together yet maintain our individuality. I love the fact that until this very day, my honey trust’s my taste and just goes with my Fashion Flow!

My hubby wore his favorite Fedora Hat, Tan Corduroy Pants, Navy Blue Front Zippered Shoulder Patch Sweater and Boots. I wore my Skinny Jeans, Riding Boots, Maroon Beanie and Tan Toggle Coat. Now this is what I call…Fashion Team Work! By the way…we had a blast taking these pictures in Big Bear..surrounded by snow!



  • Corduroy Pants – Old Navy
  • Sweater by Cambridge Dry Goods
  • Boots by Florsheim
  • Sunglasses by Carrera


  • Boots by Franco Sarto
  • Coat by Michael Kors
  • Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs

Here are a few more ideas I found on the Net:

Love this Retro Look!

Fashion Tip: Share your fashion sense with your other half! Dress like twins and have fun! Make this into something you can both enjoy! Remember to add touches that identify you and make it your own!

Wishing you all the Best,


Your RoyalBFashion Blogger…

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Chevron Is Not Just For Gas


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As I’ve mentioned before I love patterns and the Chevron pattern is no exception. I think it’s  fun but can be intimidating to say the least! I use to hesitate in using this pattern for fear that it would make me look wider but as you can see I overcame that notion. The chevron pattern when paired with key pieces, can come together nicely and make you feel like saying, “hey Look at me”!  I decided to go all out and do a complete top and bottom combo. I paired it with a teal clutch, red/gold chunky necklace and my pointed yellow pumps. My red coat was my final touch when it got chilly….

These pictures I share with you were taken at the gardens of the Disney Concert Hall in L.A. I had so much fun! My photographer was my daughter Madi…isn’t she great!

Fashion Tip: Find your right Stripe..whether it be Pinstripes, Upstream Stripes, Missoni Stripes or like mine, Chevron (naming a few) and try it on! You might be surprised with what you see. Remember to always pair it with a signature piece be it a chuncky necklace or a scarf. Have fun and experiment.

music center 9music center 7music center 10music center 14music center 13

Coat by Aldo

Top & Pants by one of my favorite designer: Reina Diaz of Poet Couture

Wishing you all the best,


Your RoyalBFashion Blogger…Where every women is a Queen!

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A Shade Of Grey


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On this beautiful sunny day,  days after we had a downpour of rain (which I really Love) I decided that my mood was actually craving  to wear darker colors…which I did.. In the past I normally steered away from the greys and blacks but as I have matured,  I find them to be  just as beautiful as bright colors..all you need to do is add touches that makes them stand out! In this instance, I added a cream with specs of grey wool blend coat and a statement necklace that has peach, clear, navy blue and sea foam green stones.. I finished the look with strawberry red lipstick and a yellow clutch.  I Love being creative and mixing colors and patterns..Don’t you? It makes for a great start to your day!

Fashion Tip: Don’t let the weather dictate what you can and can not wear! Go with your instinct…If you feel like wearing heels and bright colors on a rainy day..Go for it! If on a sunny day you feel like wearing the opposite of bright Do it! There aren’t any rules that say you can’t! Wear what makes the inner you happy! It will definitely reflect for all to see! As always remember to make it your own and Stand out!

Black Synthetic Leather Dress: Forever 21

Blended Wool Coat by Lucy & Laurel – Great find at TJ Maxx

Suede Leather Boots by Nine West (past season)

Yellow Envelope Clutch: (available upon request. I carry it)





Wishing you all the best,


Your RoyalBFashion Blogger…Where every Woman is a Queen

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My Fashion Icon


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Today on the blog, I decided  to play tribute to my ultimate Fashion Icon..My Mom.  As far as my memory takes me she was always  dressed to the nine”s. She taught me how to mix colors, how to style my hair, how to wear my makeup and how to always walk with your head  up high & confidence when wearing heels (imagine balancing  a book on your head while walking in heels).
Now lets discuss what my beautiful mom is wearing …..a flowy maxi skirt, black booties, poncho, camel colored scarf and she finished  the look with her floppy hat & Ray Bans. What a Diva!  I can only hope to look as amazing as she does at…73! (She doesnt mind me sharing her age)




Fashion Tip: Beauty from the Inside -Out is Timeless and  Age is but a number. Explore  new looks at any age and as always make it your own!

Wishing you the best ,

Your Royalbfashion blogger ..Where every woman is a Queen

Friday! Friday! Friday!


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The start of the weekend is finally here and what better way to kick it off then to dress in casual attire. After a long week of traffic,  deadlines and meetings it felt so good knowing that this morning I could wear my jeans to work! All I needed to do was add a few items to make my Friday look Chic…. I added a Fringe Aztec Sweater, Cognac Leather Boots, Leather Braided Belt and my new favorite purchase – Blocked Color Satchel. With this outfit I can go from work to a date night with my hubby..It is Friday after all!

Jeans – Wide Bottom From Old Navy

Boots – Cognac Leather by Steve Madden 

Purse – Satchel by Isaac Mizrahi – Purchased at TJ Maxx 

Fashion Tip: Wearing jeans is not what it use to be! Wearing jeans is now considered Sexy! Just pair it with high heels or boots and add a sheer top and bold necklace and Voila…you ready for a night out on the town! Jeans have become so versatile…Dress them up or dress them down but like always… Make it your own! 

Picture of Items I carry. Model is my daughter’s good friend MichelleDSC_0281DSC_0260


A Big Thank You to my good friend Christina Bragg for being my photographer this time around!

Wishing you all the Best,


Your RoyalBFashion Blogger – Where Every Woman is a Queen!