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That old adage, “The apple does not fall far from the tree” could not be more on point when it comes to my Mom and Me! As I have mentioned before in my post “My Fashion Icon”, my Mom taught me to be the woman I am today. She instilled in me to be a loving Wife, Mother, Friend and a Lover of anything that involved Fashion.  As we have matured, and our fashion sense can differ at times, I feel honored when she turns to me for fashion advise! Isn’t that the best? We have such a strong sense of fashion, that we can bounce ideas off each other. My Mom has become one of my biggest supporter of my blog! I just could not help myself and I had to share another blog about her.

Below I share a few pictures with you depicting Mothers & Daughters…including my family….You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to Celebrate Mom..

My Mom and I posing almost the same at different locations! What were the odds? Great Minds I tell you thinking alike!…..

Mom is wearing her Green Scarf, Slim Black Pants, Black Nine West Coat & Bag. I’m wearing my Skinny Jeans, Black Strappy Pumps by Sam & Libby (carried at Target) and my new Fav Black Calvin Klein Satchel (a Christmas present from my good friend)


My Mom, Sis and I..Celebrating her 50th Wedding Anniversary

My Beautiful Daughter and I dressed as Twins in Cancun

My Sis-in-law and my nieces

My Friend Maggie & her Baby Girl Camila (Mila


Famous Mother/Daughter I like

Gwenyth and Blythe

Fun pic’s I found on the Net

Fashion Tip: Have fun with Mom today! Give her a hug! Go out and buy something fun you can both wear together while sipping on coffee at a Cafe or sharing a meal at her fav restaurant! 

Wishing you the Best,

Tricia – Your Royalbfashion Blogger – Where every woman is a Queen