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On this beautiful sunny day,  days after we had a downpour of rain (which I really Love) I decided that my mood was actually craving  to wear darker colors…which I did.. In the past I normally steered away from the greys and blacks but as I have matured,  I find them to be  just as beautiful as bright colors..all you need to do is add touches that makes them stand out! In this instance, I added a cream with specs of grey wool blend coat and a statement necklace that has peach, clear, navy blue and sea foam green stones.. I finished the look with strawberry red lipstick and a yellow clutch.  I Love being creative and mixing colors and patterns..Don’t you? It makes for a great start to your day!

Fashion Tip: Don’t let the weather dictate what you can and can not wear! Go with your instinct…If you feel like wearing heels and bright colors on a rainy day..Go for it! If on a sunny day you feel like wearing the opposite of bright Do it! There aren’t any rules that say you can’t! Wear what makes the inner you happy! It will definitely reflect for all to see! As always remember to make it your own and Stand out!

Black Synthetic Leather Dress: Forever 21

Blended Wool Coat by Lucy & Laurel – Great find at TJ Maxx

Suede Leather Boots by Nine West (past season)

Yellow Envelope Clutch: (available upon request. I carry it)





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