Fun In The Rain


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When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, I realized the weather forecaster was right.. Rain was on its way! Now what to wear? Well my dear readers, I opted for bright colors!. Though the sky was dark and grey my mind was made up… If I had to be out in the rain, it was going to be wearing something fun and full of color. It is so easy for us to fall into doom and gloom colors when the Sun is not out. Therefore, I decided to wear my yellow blended wool coat, black stretch slim leg columnist pants, red chiffon pleated top and black booties and use my all time favorite umbrella purchased in Paris this Summer (Now that was an experience of a lifetime that I will need to share another time).

By the way, I had so much fun shooting these pictures in the rain! I was channeling Gene Kelly in Singing in The Rain.

Thanks to my wonderful photographer..Madilynne (Madicakes as I call her)

Fashion Tip: Don’t let the whether dictate having fun with color. Enjoy your inner happiness! Let it reflect for all to see! You never know who you might cheer up by just adding that pop of color.  As always, you pick what makes you happy and make it your own!

Booties: Joe’s Jeans Black Leather – You can find at Piperlime at a great price.


Pants : One of my favorite Designers – Reina Diaz /Poet Couture (available upon request. I sell them)

Wishing you the Best,


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Finding Time To Relax


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After a long day of cooking for Thanksgiving, than joining the multitude of people who dashed out in the middle of the night looking for deals on Black Friday, my hubby decided I needed a break from all the shopping craziness (as he tenderly puts it). We joined some friends to listen to a new band at the Trobadour in Hollywood, CA.
Now…what to wear? Well, after much thought and a pile of clothes on my bed, I decided that I would try something different…an edgy look for the night out on the town… I wore my fav Bordeaux short jacket, my skinny jeans, a sequined black transparent top and Wine colored heels and clutch. The final touch were my chandelier earrings and a smokey eye.  By the way, we had a blast!

Fashion Tip: The Beauty of being a Woman is that we can wear many hats and dress according to our mood and occasion. We are free to explore different styles and make a statement! So go and walk outside the box and surprise yourself and others with a new look. Experiment with different colors and as always make them your own! For all women are Queens!

Shoes: Beautiful Wine Heeled Sling Back Heels from Charlotte Russe

Jacket: Forever 21

Clutch & Eaarings available upon request (sold by me)

Wishing you all the Best,


RoyalBFashion Blogger



Run, Run, Run in Style



Today’s blog reflects on the hustle and bustle of prepping for a Holiday and still look put together.  With my mind running in every direction with my To Do List, I was very tempted just to throw on my comfy sweats and tennis shoes but I remembered someone very wise (my mom) tell me as I was growing up,”Never leave the house looking like you just  rolled out of bed, for you never know who you will bump into” so  I decided to put on one of my favorite high-waisted pants in Burnt Orange that is perfect for this season of fall leaves and pumpkins and paired it with a flowy teal blue top. I finished the look with my new Schutz pointy shoes of the same color and added a link chain necklace in silver.

I got chilled so I add my checkered poncho in the same colors..:)

Shoes: Purchased at PiperLime

Pants: By one of my fave designer Reina Diaz of Poet Couture (if interested I carry her items)

Fashion Tip: Remember to always leave the house looking your best, be it by adding your favorite lipstick, wearing your favorite sunglasses or adding some perfume. You chose what makes you feel put together to step out that door and face the world!

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Patterns Can Be Fun

Todays fashion choice took me to the Road of Patterns…Literaly! My photographer (who happens to be my beautiful daughter) suggested we hit the road for these pictures and I said…”sure, let’s go for it!”Let’s have fun! That’s exactly how I felt about my pattern combo…Who would have thought that my yellow Angora print sweater would look awesome with my Aztec print pencil skirt? You see my dear friends what you don’t know behind the scene is that, as I was choosing my wardrobe for work, I threw both these items on my bed trying to clear my closet and Voila an outfit was born! I decided to pair my outfit with my fresh water long strand pearls and patent leather pumps. The final touches were one of my fave Marc Jacob sunglasses and clutch.

Fashion Tip: When in doubt about whether to wear different patterns, be not afraid, for that is part of the fun in fashion! Get creative! Explore new combo patterns. As always…make them your own!

Wishing you all the best,


Royalbfashion Blogger…Where every woman is a Queen



To Wear or Not to Wear ?

On the Blog today I shared a picture of myself wearing a striped poncho. Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I be that bold?”, “Can I pull this off?”,”Are the stripes to wide?”,when deciding to wear something you normally wouldn’t?  Well my dear friends, that was exactly what I asked myself when I first saw the poncho. As you can see, I put all those questions to rest by actually wearing it out! I added my favorite wide brim floppy felt hat in Bordeaux and my black riding boots to complete the look.

Fashion Tip: The old adage of “Don’t Judge the Book by It’s Cover is so true! Try it on and see how it looks on you, how it makes you feel. You might be surprised by what the mirror shows you! 

20141117_095034 (2)



Boots: Nine West

Poncho: Available upon request if Interested. Sold by me.

Hat: Forever 21

Wear It Without Fear

Today I shared my Love of print and may I say that Animal Prints ranks up there as one of my favorites! It is versatile! Dress it up! Or Dress it down!  This print looks amazing with splashes of color! My fave is pairing it with Red Lipstick! I chose on this occasion to combine it with what I call Barbie Pink. Be courageous! Be Adventerous! Be Fashion Forward and Wear Animal Prints without Fear…This type of animal Won’t bite!

Fashion Tip: Remember that in Fashion you pick and choose what makes you Happy! Mix the Seasons and make it your own! its ok to break away from your comfort zone!

Wishing you all the best,


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One Fashion Era at a Time

As I reflect on what this day represents for me…25 years of Marriage, I can’t help but recall the many fashion trends I followed…from the Madonna Look, to what I use to call the Chacha Chacha years (you might remember all that teased hair with bottles of aqua net ) to the wild prints of the 90’s, but through them all, I shared them with this guy I call my hubby and Best Friend! He put up with all my crazy fashion ideas including always dressing like twins! I believe I picked a winner! So moving to the present, I still love to use color and prints and love to mix and match or stick to an all color pallet. Today we shared our Anniversary with close friends and felt simply beautiful wearing my fave color – burgundy and felt loved by my guy.

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Remember this fashion tip, no matter what you wear, so long as you feel beautiful and wear it with confidence, that is all that really matters!20141118_165355





A Touch of Wine in the Fall



As I was getting ready to head to Big Bear with my family to celebrate my son’s 21st B-Day, I decided that the only way to travel up the mountain was by wearing this waist length riding jacket and booties in one of my fave color of the season…Wine, Maroon or Burgundy (however you would like to call it). It’s a must have color to add to your wardrobe!The final touch for this look was by adding one of my favorite Owl scarf’s I purchased this summer while in Greece. A scarf is the perfect accessory to any outfit.