Today’s blog reflects on the hustle and bustle of prepping for a Holiday and still look put together.  With my mind running in every direction with my To Do List, I was very tempted just to throw on my comfy sweats and tennis shoes but I remembered someone very wise (my mom) tell me as I was growing up,”Never leave the house looking like you just  rolled out of bed, for you never know who you will bump into” so  I decided to put on one of my favorite high-waisted pants in Burnt Orange that is perfect for this season of fall leaves and pumpkins and paired it with a flowy teal blue top. I finished the look with my new Schutz pointy shoes of the same color and added a link chain necklace in silver.

I got chilled so I add my checkered poncho in the same colors..:)

Shoes: Purchased at PiperLime

Pants: By one of my fave designer Reina Diaz of Poet Couture (if interested I carry her items)

Fashion Tip: Remember to always leave the house looking your best, be it by adding your favorite lipstick, wearing your favorite sunglasses or adding some perfume. You chose what makes you feel put together to step out that door and face the world!

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