Todays fashion choice took me to the Road of Patterns…Literaly! My photographer (who happens to be my beautiful daughter) suggested we hit the road for these pictures and I said…”sure, let’s go for it!”Let’s have fun! That’s exactly how I felt about my pattern combo…Who would have thought that my yellow Angora print sweater would look awesome with my Aztec print pencil skirt? You see my dear friends what you don’t know behind the scene is that, as I was choosing my wardrobe for work, I threw both these items on my bed trying to clear my closet and Voila an outfit was born! I decided to pair my outfit with my fresh water long strand pearls and patent leather pumps. The final touches were one of my fave Marc Jacob sunglasses and clutch.

Fashion Tip: When in doubt about whether to wear different patterns, be not afraid, for that is part of the fun in fashion! Get creative! Explore new combo patterns. As always…make them your own!

Wishing you all the best,


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