On the Blog today I shared a picture of myself wearing a striped poncho. Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I be that bold?”, “Can I pull this off?”,”Are the stripes to wide?”,when deciding to wear something you normally wouldn’t?  Well my dear friends, that was exactly what I asked myself when I first saw the poncho. As you can see, I put all those questions to rest by actually wearing it out! I added my favorite wide brim floppy felt hat in Bordeaux and my black riding boots to complete the look.

Fashion Tip: The old adage of “Don’t Judge the Book by It’s Cover is so true! Try it on and see how it looks on you, how it makes you feel. You might be surprised by what the mirror shows you! 

20141117_095034 (2)



Boots: Nine West

Poncho: Available upon request if Interested. Sold by me.

Hat: Forever 21